The Discovery

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Here's the best trio you've ever ordered!


Our Discovery trio contains:

  • A Pikler Triangle
  • A Climbing Ramp
  • A Balance Board


The Pikler Triangle, the Climbing Ramp and the Balance Board are a must-have when it comes to burning your kids’s energy and getting them off their screens.

Your kids will have hours of fun!

This trio allows your kids to climb or slide the highest mountain in the house! These toys will help develop motor skills, coordination of movements and the imagination of your young explorers.

Don't worry, they will always find a new creative way to use them. In addition, the triangle fits easily under the bed.


🐒 Develops motor skills and self-confidence

🧒 Recommended age: 18 months and older

🌱 Protected by a durable, eco-friendly and non-toxic varnish

💪 Our Triangle and Climbing Ramp can support a weight up to 100 lbs

👉 Our Balance Board can support a weight up to 450 lbs

🌳 Made of Russian birch

🍁 Imagined and made in Canada


Dimensions [Pikler Triangle]

Length: 48 inches

Width: 30 inches

Height: 42 inches


Dimensions [Climbing Ramp]

Length: 42 inches

Width: 18 inches


Dimension [Balance Board]

Length: 40 inches

Width: 12 inches

Height [of curve]: 12 inches


⏱ Expect an average delivery time of 21 to 30 business days.


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1 - What are your delivery times?

Our estimated delivery time is 21 to 30 working days. Custom orders may exceed this time.


2 - What are your shipping costs?

Delivery is free in Canada for orders of $150 and more before taxes. International delivery is also available at a flat rate of $16.50.


3 - Which company takes care of your transport?

We do business primarily with Purolator in Canada and UPS or Canada Post for international orders.


4 - What type of varnish do you use?

We use a non-toxic, ecological varnish.


5 - What is the best way to install my wooden lettering?

You can install your wooden lettering on the wall in several different ways. The easiest way is to fix it with double-sided adhesive tape directly on the wall.

It is also possible to glue the wooden lettering in the same way, but this time on a board if you want to opt for a less permanent way. This board can then be hung on the wall using, for example, a wall-mounted frame attachment system.

Depending on the name chosen, it is sometimes possible to simply place it on a flat surface such as a tablet. It may be necessary to flatten some letters which are rounded in order to be able to make the name stand upright.

6 - Is the size of your lettering in height or in width?

The selectable dimension for your lettering is in width, from the first to the last letter. The height of your lettering will depend on the number of letters. For example, if you choose the first name Anna with the width of 12 inches, each letter will be much larger so higher than if you had chosen the first name Jean-Philippe with the width of 12 inches. So, no matter how many letters you want to write, the width will remain fixed (12, 24, 32 or 48 inches). It will be the size, so also the height of the font, which will vary!



7 - What is the best way to install my growth ladder on the wall?

You can install your growth scale using double-sided adhesive tape or screws. Make sure you are at the level so that your ladder is straight!


8 - What is the best way to install my world map on the wall?

You can install your world map using double-sided tape. Make sure you are at the level and place the different pieces in the right place so that your map is straight!


9 - Can we paint, varnish or oil some of your products?

Custom lettering, growth scale and world map can be painted, varnished or oiled when you choose the natural wood option. The other products or options are already varnished or painted!